Apply for help

The Trusts objective is to help, support and prepare disadvantaged young people, regardless of background or disability, into skilled work such as apprenticeships, by providing training courses, improving skills and communication alongside providing financial support towards tools and travel. 

As Luke was passionate about health, fitness and sport the Trust will also offer any financial support that encourages or allows disadvantaged young people to get access to and excel in fitness and sport by providing club funding, sports equipment, sports kit, club fees (subs) or to fund something like extra swimming lessons.

We also like to fund sporting projects in schools that encourage young people to stay active. A recent and ongoing project is our “Skipping in Schools” initiative. Where we’ve been working alongside local primary schools on teaching children how to skip.

These are just some of the ways we want to help. If you need help and support towards something we haven’t mentioned then please still get in touch. Our overall aim is for all young people to be given the opportunity to excel!

Please download and complete our application form to be considered for funding.